Arthritis Hand Pain - Top 3 Ways to Cure Arthritis Hand Pain

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Hand arthritis can occur mainly in three areas, such as wrist joint, finger joints, and knuckle joints. When these joints are affected by arthritis, daily activities such as writing, threading needle or tying shoelace etc. become very difficult. Out of all forms, hand arthritis is very perilous. However it is possible to get relief from pains associated through natural remedies. Top three ways to cure arthritis hand pains are: -Use of Alternative Medicines: Few alternative medicines are found to be very successful in relieving pain. One of the most popular alternative medicines is the use of herbs & massages. Acupuncture and visiting a chiropractor can be equally helpful for curing hand pain. -Non-surgical Treatment: Three most popular non-surgical treatments are medications, injections, and splinting. Medication: Medications works as anti-inflammatory drugs. Anti-inflammatories are capable of stopping the body from producing chemical, responsible for swelling & pain. Tylenol and Advil are two most popular over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. Celebrex is a popular prescription drug for arthritic pain relief. Though medications treat symptoms, they are unable to restore joint cartilage or joint damage. Injections: When anti-inflammatory medications are ineffective, injections are used. These injections contain a long lasting anesthetic & steroid. These injections are capable of providing pain relief, which can varies from weeks to months depending upon the amount of doses. Splinting: Splints have to be used when joint hurts. The splint helps to support the joints. Splinting works along with injections as supplementary. -Surgical Treatment: If non-surgical option fails to relief the arthritis hand pains, then surgery should be preferred. Usually surgery is the best option in providing long-term pain relief. Joint replacement is one of the popular methods in the surgical treatment. Though these are the best three ways to cure arthritis hand pain, these can have possible site effects. Possible side effects of injections are lightening of the skin, weakening of the tendons and ligaments. Infections may be one of the major side effects of these practices. Don’t wait for your joints to give up on you, take the first step towards healthy joints. We have a secret recipe that help you Experience lasting relief from joint pain! And what more it has a 100% Free Trial (Just Pay Shipping).