Cold Hands, Cold Feet, Circulation and Cholesterol

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The body is like a car. If you want to be a good mechanic, you have to learn the whole car, read the entire manual, cover to cover, several times or more before you become proficient. knowledgeable. While all my parts, articles have a whole view and answers, they are by no means whole. Do not be fooled by the part. Learn and obey the whole (body), otherwise, you will be punished by the part, i.e. cold hands and feet. R. G. Heft Hot and Cold Health (c) 2003 Hot and Cold Diseases (c) 2008 The body digests, transforms food, nutrients into blood into structure into function, into health or disease. There are only two kinds of nutrients in food: building and cleansing. Building nutrients (protein and fat) build, fuel and warm. Cleansing nutrients, foods (water, minerals, sugar, fruit, vegetables ad grains) reduce, cleanse, cool and moisten. Protein and fat (meat, eggs, chicken, fish, cheese, beans, etc.) build, fuel and warm the heart, hands, feet, etc. Low protein, low fat (milk, yogurt, beans, nuts, seeds, yeast, spirulina, etc.) and high carbohydrate (pasta, bread, salads, tropical fruits, juices, smoothies, cold drinks, etc.) diets, in the extreme, tend to weaken, thin and cool the blood, which in turn, weakens, thins and cools the body, especially the extremities: head, hands and feet. Low protein and low fat diets weaken all function, including digestion. Too many cleansing foods, drinks, especially raw vegetables, salads, tropical and citrus fruits, juices, sodas and or cold drinks, in the extreme, tend to dilute and weaken digestion, acid and enzymes, reducing nutrient absorption, blood, energy, elimination, etc. while increasing coldness, weakness, shaking, dampness (excess moisture, mucous, phlegm, cysts, etc.), pallor, etc. Decreased blood supply via menstruation, hemorrhage, chronic illness and or surgery can also thin the blood and reduce circulation. Poor circulation also tends to cause coldness, especially in the extremities. It can be caused by blood clots (thrombus), embolism (blocked blood vessel), infarction (area of dead tissue), arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis, excess weight (obesity), chronic illness, menstruation, hemorrhage and or extremely cold weather. In each case, the source of coldness will be clearly identified. High cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis, etc. tends to reduce circulation producing coldness in the extremities. The coldness, however is short lived, intermittent as clogged arteries, veins, etc. It increase pressure and energy which in turn increases temperature, this heats as do high protein and high fat diets. Lasting coldness (hours, days, weeks, etc.) is generally created by deficiency via diet (low protein, low fat, fasting), menstruation, hemorrhage, surgery, chronic illness and or environment. It is natural during the winter for the hands and feet to become cold, shaky as blood rushes back into the abdomen and chest to protect, nourish and warm the vital organs. It is also the reason why hot remedies (hot baths, soups, herbs, etc.) are generally used in the treatment of colds, especially at the onset. A certain amount of occasional coldness in the hands and feet is normal. Too much is abnormal. For more information, please visit the author’s website and or read either or both of his books. Please read Hot and Cold Health for more information about the way of eating, building up and breaking down. Know the whole before you treat the part. Author: Hot and Cold Health. Hot and Codl Diseases, Acupuncture Physician (FL 1992-2002). Owner, operator Food and Thought, health food store, Hollywood, FL (1984-2001). Questioned and counseled 30,000+ “What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?” Cooking teacher, Chi gung practitioner, ‘daily outdoors since 1988