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Is your hand always cold?

Do you or someone you know work in a cold environment? Are your hands, fingers, feet and shoulders always cold? Do you suffer from poor circulation? If so, USB infrared heaters by ValueRays® can help solve the problem.

If your hands get cold when using the computer, and your fingers get numb, infrared heat can help relieve cold hand symptoms. Usually, working in a cold environment can cause a computer-related hand injury like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). “Cold Hands and Injuries” can get relief using the Heated Warm Mouse and other ValueRays® USB infrared heated products. Discover the benefits of the Heated Mouse, Heated Pink Mouse, Heated Mouse Pad, Heated Keyboard Pad, and Mouse Hand Warmer. Our Hot Gadgets are infrared heaters and provide “Infrared Heat” therapy for computer users with hand pain and cold hands. Now, keep your hand WARM not hot using ValueRays® infrared heated computer accessories.

Our Hot Gadgets are infrared heaters and provide “Infrared Heat” therapy for computer users with hand pain and cold hands. Now, keep your hand WARM not hot.

List Of Benefits

Heated Mouse Helps Soothe Hand Pain

by Anna Miller

With continuous use of the mouse hand by clicking and dragging a computer mouse over a mouse pad, the mouse hand and wrist can easily start to ache. There are a variety of well known hand ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury associated with computer use. Therefore, overuse of a computer can cause mouse hand pain. One of the most commonly associated experiences is a cold mouse hand, and the cold is associated with most hand ailments. Cold hands are due mostly to poor circulation and strained muscles.

Don’t worry. There are ways to help relieve cold hands when using the computer. Creative inventors design computer accessories to help reduce the risk of injury. One inventor designed a computer mouse with heat. The heated mouse helps to provide warmth to a cold mousing hand and helps soothe pain caused by an overused hand. No need to suffer with cold hand pain any longer. Just plug the USB cord into a functional USB port on the computer and the computer mouse provides a steady flow of warmth.

The surface of the heated mouse gets warm. Gripping an ergonomically shaped heated mouse may be the answer to an over-worked computer hand. The warm mouse provides soothing relief to aching hand muscles. The carbon fiber heating element produces infrared heat. Infrared heat is unique because it heats the object and not the air around it. This makes the infrared heated mouse ideal for computer users.

The heated computer mouse was invented and patented in China. It is CE and ROHS certified. Many variations of the warming mouse are available online in a variety of colors and styles. When selecting any computer accessory, make sure it fits your needs and helps improve your work station. A computer mouse is supposed to be ergonomically shaped to help reduce the risk of hand injury. This is true for all computer mice including the heated mouse. There are a variety of ergonomic shaped mice available, and some are designed for right/left hand users. When selecting a computer mouse with heat or no heat, make sure it fits your hand comfortably.

There are many other heated computer gadgets available to help create a comfortable computer work station.There is a heated shoulder warmer, a heated mouse pad, heated keyboard pad, heated chair cushion and a heated neck pad massager. These products provide deep penetrating infrared heat for people who work in a cold office or cold work environment. Heated computer devices also help reduce high heating bills during the winter. They are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Help reduce the onset of computer related injury by introducing infrared heated computer accessories to your work area. They help solve problems and are great gift ideas for people who suffer with arthritis and other ailments.

Warm Thoughts for a Cold Shoulder

Sometimes when I’m sitting in front of the computer working I feel drafts from above. It’s certainly not someone giving me the “cold shoulder.” My shoulders are actually getting cold!

The ceiling fan and air conditioning vent make my shoulders and neck cold. Getting a cold shoulder while sitting and working is a chilling experience. Especially when an eight-hour day with a cold draft gently hitting the back of your neck and shoulders creates discomfort at work.

I’ve tried several tactics to divert drafts from above. Moving my desk, changing my chair postion, and even asking the maintenance person to change the vent. Nothing seems to help. Then, one day surfing the Net for “

There’s a fleece blanket shaped like a shawl to wear around the shoulders when using the computer. The shoulder warmer blanket shawl uses an USB connection and plugs into the computer to generate warmth. It’s like a mini electric blanket for your shoulders. The shawl’s heat source is made using a carbon fiber heating element to produce infrared heat. Infrared heat is good because it heats the object and not the air around it. Infrared heat is deep penetrating to soothe stiff and aching muscles. So, if you are tense from sitting in front of a computer all day, it would be comfortable to have infrared heat around cold shoulders.

There are a variety of USB infrared heated computer gadgets available online — heated mouse, heated keyboard pad, heated mouse pad, heated chair pad and a heated mouse hand blanket. These products all generate infrared heat using a carbon fiber heating element. They are safe for the computer and people. USB heated computer gadgets are plug and play. They do not require additional software to use them.

It doesn’t have to be winter to experience cold and chills when using the computer. During the summer, an air conditioned office or work space can create a chilling experience. Remember there are USB heated devices to help relieve pain caused by the cold. If you hands are cold, use a warming mouse, or any of the other USB infrared heated hand warmers. If your shoulders are cold, use a shoulder warmer. If your neck is stiff from sitting in front of the computer too long, try a warm neck massager. There’s even a heated chair warmer pad to keep your seat cozy!

For more information about how to keep warm in the office, visit ValueRays.com. I think you’ll enjoy the assortment of USB heated computer products at very reasonable price points.