Mouse Clicking and Hand Pain

Mouse Hand Warmer, Cold Mouse Hand
Do you have hand or elbow pain when you click a mouse? Does you hand become weak from mouse clicking? Do you think you are alone in your pain? If you answered yes, keep reading. I have heard from more people lately about how painful it is for them to click a mouse. Now most people would say that is ridiculous. How can a simple mouse cause pain? Well I am going to tell you it can and does. With the use of various kinds of software mouse clicking is the only way to achieve your end result. Now with scanners in the work place mouse clicking is taking off in leaps and bounds.Hand pain from clicking a mouse is going to escalate out of control if it hasn’t already. I am right handed and I have my mouse on my left side. I have trained my hand and my brain. It took a couple of weeks but now I am a left handed mouse clicker.Another way to click a mouse is by putting your three middle fingers together and clicking. That way there is less pressure on the tendon. Also, try draping the palm of your hand on top of the mouse and clicking with the side of your hand. All these ideas I have tried and they all came from hand therapists I have used in the past. Maybe, you have some other ideas or someday there will be a new method to achieve a mouse click without clicking a mouse. I do hope so.