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ValueRays® Warm Mouse – USB Heated, Warm Computer Mouse By Anna Miller

Not sure how much time you spend sitting in front of a computer, and if you are reading this, I bet you spend at least a few hours everyday mousing your way online. There’s tons of data available about the ill effects of computer overuse; especially for people who do not use the computer in a healthy manner. By healthy, I refer to proper ergonomics. Yet, even with proper ergonomics in place, there is still the risk of ill effects of overuse; especially overuse of the mouse hand.

There are an endless number of hand ailments and medical conditions with cold hand symptoms and side effects. Some of these ailments include arthritis, tendonitis, Raynaud’s phenomenon, diabetes, migraine headaches, poor circulation, alcohol abuse, cigarette addiction, and the list goes on and on. Cold hands when trying to get computer work completed are annoying and painful. Not only do they cause pain to your mouse hand, cold hands actually become numb, and fingertips feel as though they are frozen.   Exposed hands working at the computer need warmth. If you work in a cold room, office or a drafty space, it is wise to use a heated computer mouse. A heated mouse generates warmth through the skin’s layers penetrating the muscle tissue. There are a variety of heated computer devices using an USB connection and many of them use a carbon fiber which transmits infrared heat. Infrared heat is known to create a healing effect for sore muscles. The Eastern cultures have been using infrared heat for centuries. The sun is a natural source of infrared heat. The nice thing about an infrared heated mouse is getting all the benefits of the sun without the harmful UV rays.   Further research indicates 20-30 minutes of infrared heat daily can actually provide healing results. So, if you’re like me, an USB infrared heated mouse would certainly be a welcomed relief for cold mouse hand pain. A heated mouse stimulates the flow of blood, and in turn reduces stiffness in finger and wrist joints. If muscles are sore, the heated mouse will penetrate deeply to soothe aching muscles.   Chemical toxins in the blood are a concern today with all the food we eat and the air we breathe. The infrared heat generated by the warmth of an USB heated mouse helps to detoxify our system of the unhealthy toxins. The heat releases the toxins from blood cells ridding the body of unnecessary toxic build up.   Massage therapists use heat to relax muscles. Why not use heat at home while we work? Keep your mouse hand relaxed, your blood flowing to reduce poor circulation and detoxify your system with the use of an infrared heated computer mouse.   If you enjoy the feel of the sun’s heat on your face on a warm summer day, then you’ll truly enjoy the warmth of a warm mouse while you are sitting at work in front of a computer!

For more information about the heated mouse and other infrared heated computer devices visit https://www.heatedmouse.com/ or http://www.ValueRays.com.

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