Heated Mouse - FAQ

The Heated Mouse Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do you ship?
Most of the ValueRays® items ship globally through Amazon.com: USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain
How does the Heated Mouse work?
The Heated Mouse gets its heat from a carbon fiber heating element inside the mouse housing. It is a low 5V USB connection safe for people and the computer.
Are the fabric items washable?
Yes. We strongly suggest spot cleaning the cloth ValueRays® items. The Heated Mouse fabric items are hand washable and air-dryable. Please make sure items are completely dry prior to using them. Do Not wash the cords, heating elements or connections.
Do the heated computer gadgets have an On/Off switch.
Yes. Each Heated Mouse product has its own way to turn the product on and disconnect the heat when not needed. The products can be used with or without heat.
Do you offer a warranty?
Yes. The Heated Mouse product warranty is available for $11 (USA) $25 (Int’l). The warranty covers a replacement for one year. Parts under warranty include the Heated Mouse, USB cords, and the heating element for the chair pad. Please contact us if you have a question or concern about the warranty replacement program.
Do you sell wholesale?
Depends. We are very selective about who sells the ValueRays® products. The Heated Mouse provides very low pricing for resellers. Please Contact Us when you are ready to resell the ValueRays® products.
Why is infrared heat good?
Infrared heat is good because the infrared rays heat the object and not the air around it. This makes infrared heat deep penetrating heat to soothe aching muscles. Infrared heat penetrates deeply through the skins layers.