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The Heated Mouse Learning Center

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The Heated Mouse Learning Center provides a variety of information about the cold mouse hand syndrome and other circulatory conditions causing a reaction to cold. The Heated Mouse Learning Center is a reference for hand conditions which can respond to infrared heat therapy. Because infrared heat penetrates deep through the skins layers to muscle tissue and bone, the ValueRays® heated gadgets can provide soothing relief for computer users who suffer from the cold — either in a cold, drafy office or as a result of poor circulation.

Do you or someone you know suffer with cold hands when using the computer? If so, the Heated Mouse Learning Center may be a valuable resource. Visit the Learning Center for information about hand warmers, cold hands, cold mouse hand, infrared heat, heated mouse, warm mouse pad, articles about cold hand medical conditions and much more.

Learning Center Topics:

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  • Cold Hand Pain Articles, Authors and References. Articles about Cold Hands, Cold Mouse Hand, Infrared Heat, Medical Conditions and much more. Read what others have written about cold mouse hand, cold hand pain, mouse hand warmer products and many more related topics.
  • Cold Mouse Hand Explained & Defined. Read about the medical conditions which have cold hands as a symptom or side-effect. Learn why you may have cold hands and ways to keep your mouse hand warm.
  • Mouse Hand Infrared Heat – USB Warm Mouse & Warm Mouse Pad. Read about the value of using infrared heated computer devices. Read what others are saying about infrared heat, the benefits of using infrared heat as healing power for cold hands, hand pain, sore musles and discomfort associated with a cold mouse hand.

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