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Heated MouseHeatedMouse.com – Warm Mouse Pad for a cold mouse hand takes the chill off those early morning logins – USB Heated Computer Mouse Pad – Infrared Heat. ValueRays® USB Warm Mouse Pad is an ergonomic USB infrared heated mouse pad with a carbon fiber infrared heating element to generate infrared heat on the surface of a smooth mouse pad.

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ValueRays® USB Ergonomic Warm Mouse Pad creates a warm soothing surface to rest your cold mouse hand! Energy-Efficient & Cost-Effective source of warmth & infrared heat. If your mouse hand gets cold, the ValueRays® Heated Mouse Pad removes the chill. A cold mouse pad surface is very uncomfortable. The ValueRays® Heated Mouse Pad creates a warm surface and takes the chill out of mousing.

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The surface gets warm, not hot. The carbon fiber infrared heating element creates a soothing surface of warmth on the center of the mouse pad. It works like a charm! Plus, the 4-Port USB Hub creates a place for all your other USB hot gadgets. Free Shipping & No Sales Tax - No Coupon Needed!

The ValueRays® Warm Mouse Pad is an USB heated computer mouse pad delivering infrared heat to the mouse pad’s surface. The surface of the heated mouse pad is not hot, it’s warm. It is safe for computer mice, the computer and people. A standard mouse pad’s surface is cold creating an uncomfortable surface for resting the wrist and hand.

The ValueRays® Warm Mouse Pad takes the edge off the cold surface by creating a warm place to rest the hand and wrist. The entire surface of the mouse pad is not heated. The carbon fiber heating element is coiled to produce a concentrated warmth where the mouse hand rests upon the pad. Using a low volume 5v heating element is safe for people and computers.  This allows the warmth to penetrate and relieve the symptoms of cold mouse hand while computing.

The ValueRays® Heated Mouse Pad includes a cushioned, raised wrist support area.  The raised cushioned support is not heated.  The heat is a low, warm concentrated location on the mouse pad surface.  The ergonomic wrist rest supports the wrist at a level suitable for using the mouse pad in an ergonomic position.

See the photos to view the special 4-Port USB Hub located on the back of the unit.

The ValueRays® Warm Mouse Pad features:

* Separate USB line used for warmer function
* Stable temperature ranging from about 99-104 degrees Fahrenheit for warming the wrist and hand
* Infrared massaging and sterilization qualities
* Has a built in 4-Port USB Hub
* Universal Serial Bus (USB) version 2.0
* Single chip integrated USB hub controller embedded processor
* Supports four bus-powered/self-powered downstream ports
* Driverless unit with easy plug & play installation
* No additional software needed
* USB 4 ports to use with a variety of external USB devices
* Driverless (P&P) for Windows XP, 2000, 98, SE, Linux2.4 & Mac OS 8.5
* Product name Warm Mouse Pad
* Patented
* ROHS & CE Certified

The ValueRays® Warm Mouse Pad component:

* Black compact pad panel smooth movement
* Suitable for all types of mechanical mouse and optical mouse usage
* Illuminating trim of blue light around trim
* Size is about 10” x 10” (pad dimension) + 1” x .5” (soft ergonomic wrist pad)
* Outgoing power adaptor DC 5V 2000mA

The ValueRays® Warm Mouse Pad operating instructions:

* Insert USB plugs into functioning USB ports on your computer.
* One USB cord operates the heat and the second USB cord operates the night light
* Remove (pull out) the USB plugs from computer if you do not want to use the warmer function or the light


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