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The ValueRays® Heated Mouse is delighted to have been featured on CBS News: The Early Show and Sunday Morning News, Fox News: Fox & Friends, Twin Cities Live in Minnesota, KPIX News in New York, plus many other popular magazines, websites and blogs.

The Weather Channel
by Producer Ricky Irving

December 10, 2017

Coolest Winter Gifts

Toronto Sun

featured the ValueRays Heated Mouse

by Syd Bolton

Tech to Keep You Warm This Winter

If you suffer from cold hands, the Warm Mouse  is the perfect solution for you. Available at heatedmouse.com, it keeps your hands warm all day long.

The Huffington Post

The ValueRays Heated Mouse &Heated Slippers were featured in this article by Renee Jacques at The Huffington Post!

21 Ridiculously Hot Products Every Ridiculously Cold Person Will Want
The Huffington Post  | By Renee Jacques

In many parts of the country, winter has already arrived in full force, slamming states in the Midwest and the Rockies with up to 18 inches of snow. What's worse: It's only November, which means frigid temps aren't going away for a long time.

During these trying, cold months, we will do anything to avoid the chattering cold that is the outdoors, because the cold life is a struggle.

And we want to make this life easier, so we've found 21 heated gadgets that will help you cruise through all your blistering cold days ahead. Soon enough, you'll be feeling like you're vacationing on a tropical island, sun, sand and actual time off work not included.

Click here to read the entire article….

Twin Cities Live

with Christian Unser, High Tech Producer

The Twin Cities Live segment produced by Christian Unser featured the ValueRays Heated Mouse, Heated Slippers, Heated Shawl & Shoulder Warmer, Heated Keyboard Pad and the Heated Chair Pad!

WPIX News in New York

with MacWorld Magazine’s Lex Friedman

MacWorld’s Lex Freidman introduced the ValueRays Heated Mouse and Heated Keyboard Pad to New York!

Fox & Friends — Fox News

Gadgets to help keep you warm

Beat the winter blues using the ValueRays Heated Mouse and Heated Keyboard Pad from HeatedMouse.com

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Gadget Review: The Mouse That Keeps Your Paws Warm

By Rick Broida

I work in one seriously cold office. Sure, there’s a space heater, but in winter that doesn’t much help my hands stay warm. In particular, my mouse hand tends to get downright icy, to the point where it actually distracts me from my work. Enter the ValueRays Warm Mouse, a fairly standard optical wheel-mouse with a trick up its sleeve: it’s heated. A built-in carbon-fiber heating element turns what appears to be a typical mouse into a toasty little oven. Read the complete Review here.

Heated Mouse – Gear to keep you toasty

CNNET Reviews

By: Sharon Vaknin

Heated mouse
Because our hands may be glued to the mouse for hours on end, a heated mouse may be one solution to stiff, achy fingers. Though it probably won’t cure arthritis, its coziness might be enough to make you forget your woes. It’s suitable for right- and left-handers, and can be turned off to prevent an overheated hand.


If you aren’t in the same area as me, let me educate you on the recent weather here: COLD! So cold the heater in my office can’t keep up. So I’ve been working the past couple days trying to ignore the fact that my hands were freezing off, but especially my mouse hand. It gets so cold, that my whole body gets chills! I can’t even try to warm it up by rubbing my arm or other hand because it just makes me colder rather than warming me up. If you are an internet / computer bum like me, you know what I’m talking about! Read the complete review here.

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Heated Mouse – CBS News – The Early Show

High Tech and Toasty – The Video

Great Gadgets to Help You Stay Warm

Brett Larson, of DirecTV's "Killer Apps," with Heating-Helper Gizmos from Heated Hats to Sizzling socks! 

(CBS)  NEW YORK — It's been a brutal winter in many parts of the nation so far – and we still have two months to go. So if that knit cap and those well-worn gloves just aren't doing the job for you this year, you might consider letting technology lend a helping hand! On "The Early Show" Tuesday, Brett Larson, host of DirecTV's "Killer Apps," showcased some very cool tech items to help keep you warm – from head-to-toe! Each product is followed by Brett's take, then descriptions provided by the manufacturer or retailer:

For computers

Heated Mouse $30

Available at HeatedMouse.com

Brett: "Your computer can be a little warmer to you in the morning with the Heated Mouse. The Warm Mouse can help keep your hand warmer while you work and also help with stressed muscles. There's a high and low heat setting so you can make it as comfortable as you need."

Tired of a painful, cold mouse hand and aching fingers? Does your mouse hand get cold making your fingers numb? Do you feel the cold hand pain in muscles and joints? Infrared heated computer mouse may be the solution you've been looking for! The new & improved ValueRays Warm Mouse I helps soothe chronic cold mouse hand and heal stressed muscles and joints by using radiant infrared heat rays. The Heated Mouse is for both left and right handed users. It is ergonomically shaped and fits comfortably in hand. The gray color has high-tech appeal. This heated mouse has a new and improved on/off switch with Low to High heat settings. Slide the heat control switch to your comfort level. The ValueRays Heated Mouse is the best available.

Heated Mouse

(Reader Contribution to 10 Coolest Computer Mice)

Tired of a painful, cold mouse hand and aching fingers? Does your mouse hand get cold making your fingers numb? Do you feel the cold hand pain in muscles and joints? Infrared heated computer mouse may be the solution you've been looking for! The new & improved ValueRays® Warm Mouse I helps soothe chronic cold mouse hand and heal stressed muscles and joints by using radiant infrared heat rays.

Perhaps a heated mouse to keep your hands warm?

(Credit: HeatedMouse.com)

Snow hit all 50 states but one this week, with Florida spared the blanket of white stuff that has disrupted transport nearly everywhere. New York City officials declared a “weather emergency,” 5 inches had fallen in Philadelphia, and flights were canceled from Atlanta to Chicago to Boston.  We’ve seen a flurry of winter gear designed to help you keep warm, have fun in the snow, or just look (un)cool.

www.heatedmouse.com Cool Products To Keep You Warm! Erica Hill & Brett Larson review HeatedMouse on CBS Early Morning Show! Erica Hill and Brett Larson are awesome you have to watch this! So great!!! Gadgets to keep you warm. Thank you Early Morning Show and CBS producers for covering our Heated Mouse, you guys so totally rock! Thank you! 🙂 Read the full story on cbs.com here: www.cbsnews.com Go check out the CBS youtube channel too: www.youtube.com Check out Brett Larson's cool website at: brettlarson.com

Heated Mouse

Do your fingers get too cold to work your mouse? If so, maybe you'd be interested in a Heated Mouse from ValueRays. The device uses a carbon fiber heating element to help keep your fingers warm.

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