One Year Warranty

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The ValueRays® Product Warranty is available to “Heated Mouse” shoppers purchasing any of the ValueRays® products. All products purchased through include a 30-day return/replacment guarantee. The one-year extended warranty is sold separately and an optional purchase. We make the one year warranty an option to keep product costs down and offer free USA shipping.

The extended product warranty is a One-Time Purchase, and it protects an item for one year with a full replacement guarantee.
The warranty can be purchased when the order is placed or anytime thereafter within one year from the date the order was placed.
If for any reason the item under warranty fails within one year, we replace it free of charge! This includes, and is not limited to, any failure or malfunction — even if your dog gets ahold of it and chews the cord! If it’s under warranty, you get a free replacement!
The $11 ValueRays® Product Warranty includes shipping a replacement within the USA. Warranty for Overseas deliveries require the purchase of a $20 warranty per product to cover the high cost of overseas shipping.

To purchase the ValueRays® Product Warranty, place the warranty item in your shopping cart for the quantity of items being purchased you want covered under warranty. When purchasing a “set” of products, each item within the set requires its own warranty to be covered by this guarantee. It’s up to you how many items you want covered by the replacement guarantee.

For example: If you purchase the 3 Piece Mouse Hand Warmer Set (1 Warm Mouse, 1 Warm Mouse Pad & 1 Warm Keyboard Pad), and you want the entire set to be covered under warranty, you must purchase 3 warranties or pay $30. If you want one product in the set to be under warranty, purchase one ten dollar warranty. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

* $11 per product for USA deliveries

* $25 per product for International deliveries

The ValueRays® Product Warranty covers the cost of the replacement’s shipping and one product replacement for one year from the purchase date.

Here’s how the ValueRays® Product Warranty works:

Your order is placed, and you purchase the ValueRays® Product Warranty at the time of the order. The ValueRays® Product Warranty is active for one year with a full-replacement guarantee.

1. Contact Us via this website’s Contact Us Form.
2. Include your name, IGM Order Number & Date of Purchase
3. Explain the problem.
4. We reply with a Return Authorization Number (RAN) & Return Instructions

You do the following:

1. Return the item to us. You MUST return the warranty item to receive a replacement. You pay for return shipping.
2. Many of our items can be repaired and donated to a local school or charity. If repairable, we’ll repair it and donate it in your name!
3. Package the return properly. Include your name, order number, email address, phone number and return shipping address. We may need to contact you about the return.
4. Use tracking for all returns. We are not responsible for loss or damage of returns.
5. Return the Warranty item to us promptly within 10 days of the RAN email.
6. Include the RAN on the mailing label. We do not accept packages without a RAN.
7. Packages mailed without a RAN risk the chance of being returned to sender.

We respond:

1. When the returned item is received, we quickly replace the item with a brand new product.
2. If we have any questions, we’ll contact you. You can expect the replacement to be shipped within 24-48 hours of the time it was received by us.
3. We will ship the replacement to the address on your original order form. If the address is different or you moved, please include this information with the returned item.

Thank you for shopping with us and taking advantage of our product warranty offer. We are not responsible for used products not covered by this warranty. Should you have any questions, please Contact Us.