iPad2 Keyboard Case

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Heated MouseHeatedMouse.com – The iPad 2 uses a sensitive touch screen keyboard. Convert your iPad 2 from touch screen to laptop using the silicone wireless bluetooth keyboard carry case. The iPad2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case is ideal for people on the go! The black leather-like carry case protects the iPad2. It's designer style is sleek and fashionable. This incredible case is unquestionably one of the best iPad2 cases available and for one of the best prices too – it's soft cozy exterior protects your iPad, it can convert into a stand, you can use your iPad2 like a new touchscreen laptop, and so much more! The silicone bluetooth keyboard is easy to keep clean, and its wireless full functionality lasts hours on end. Easy to charge using the USB cable included. If you love the iPad and take it everywhere, you'll certainly want to protect it with a durable carry case. Using the touch screen to type emails or messages can be a bit clunky & uncomfortable – and your iPad needs protection, one small mistake and you could cause hundreds in damages. The answer to your problems is here with this awesome iPad2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case!

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