Mouse Hand Warmer: Warm Mouse, Heated Mouse Pad Companion

ValueRays Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket Pouch, USB Warm Computer Mouse, USB Heated Mouse Pad

For people who have cold hands when using the computer the Mouse Hand Warmer solves the problem.  Cold computer hands make it difficult to use the computer mouse and the computer keyboard.  And, from time-to-time, with cold hands, a person has to stop working to allow the frigid cold to leave.  When poor blood circulation causes hands to become cold there’s little to do except stop working, and most of the time that’s not a option.

Using the computer with a cold mouse hand causes the fingers to become numb.  Some attribute the cold mouse hand to sitting still too long in one position, others believe it’s a medical condition causing cold hands.  It’s important to excercise the hands frequently to keep blood flowing, and for some people exercise is not enough.  There are computer gadgets available to provide comfort, support, warmth and heat cost-effectively and energy-efficiently from the computer while you are using the computer.

A Mouse Hand Warmer is a fleece blanket designed to cover the computer mouse hand.  It’s like a blanket for the mouse hand.  The Mouse Hand Warmer is a fleece pouch to hold a warm mouse and heated mouse pad.  The Mouse Hand Warmer is available with or without electricity. 

The USB Mouse Hand Warmer works like an electric blanket for the hand.  Plug the USB cord into an USB port located on the computer and within a few minutes the blanket portion of the Mouse Hand Warmer is warm.  The heat generated by the carbon fiber heating element inside the blanket is an infrared heat.  Infrared heat penetrates deeply through the skin’s layers to the muscle tissue.  Infrared heat dialates blood vessels and helps improve blood circulation.  To read more about the healing effects of infrared heat, visit  The earth-friendly Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch uses no electricity.  It is made exactly like the USB model, but without electricity. 

Both the USB and non-USB Mouse Hand Warmers can be used with or without a mouse pad.  The non-slip surface of the Mouse Hand Warmer’s base can function as a mouse pad surface.  However, when a mouse pad is used, any standard sized mouse pad fits perfectly inside the Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch.  A ValueRays heated mouse pad fits perfectly inside the Mouse Hand Warmer pouch, and the extra four USB ports on the ValueRays heated mouse pad make it ideal to use for other USB warm gadgets.  Plus, the heat generated by the heated mouse pad is insulated inside the blanket pouch creating a soothing warm space for the mouse hand.

Using your favorite computer mouse inside the Mouse Hand Warmer is a must! Just about any size computer mouse fits inside the roomy 12″ x 12″ Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch.   A ValueRays warm mouse is the perfect companion to use inside the Mouse Hand Warmer pouch because the heat generated by the warm mouse inside the blanket is insulated creating a perfectly warm mouse hand environment. 

The best solution for a cold mouse hand is the combination of the three mouse hand warmer products:  Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch, ValueRays warm mouse, and ValueRays heated mouse pad.  There’s no need to use the computer with a cold mouse hand ever again.  These three items create the ultimate designer mouse house: Mouse Hand Warmer blanket pouch, ValueRays Warm Mouse and ValueRays Heated Mouse Pad.

If cold computer keyboard hands become a problem, cold keyboard hands respond nicely to warmth, too.  The ValueRays heated computer keyboard pad is available online with the other infrared heated computer gadgets at  Enjoy free shipping and never pay sales tax when shopping at