Raynaud's Cold Hands Infrared Heat Therapy

ValueRays® Warm Mouse, Heated Mouse Pad, Heated Computer Keyboard Pad, & Mouse Hand Warmer® Blanket

For Raynaud’s cold hands and fingers use infrared heat therapy; warm mouse, heated mouse pad, heated computer keyboard, mouse hand warmer blanket pouch. USB heated ergonomic computer accessories are an economical and efficient source of heat.  The heated mouse and mousepad inside the mouse hand warmer blanket create a perfect mouse hand environment.  The heated computer keyboard pad provides ergonomic support for typing.

While we’re sitting at the computer playing, working or just passing time,  we may as well be doing something healthy for ourself.  There are many new infrared heat computer accessories made specifically for people who suffer with cold hands.  Raynaud’s Disease also called Raynaud’s Phenomenon is a medical condition with cold hands as a symptom. Actually, Raynaud’s causes all extremities to become cold, not just the hands. 

Raynaud’s was discovered in 1862 by a French doctor, Maurice Raynaud.  Dr. Raynaud discovered blood flowing to the extremities stops due to a spasm in blood vessels going to the toes, nose, fingers and ears.  The spasms are caused by stressful events or exposure to the cold, and the areas affected by the Raynaud attack turn colors: white, blue, and various shades of red.

People who suffer with cold hands due to Raynaud’s report painful cold hand and finger sensations, swelling, hand tingling, cold hand and fingertip numbness and throbbing.  They welcome sources of heat to relieve the cold hand and fingertip pain.  Infrared heat therapy is helpful for Raynaud’s sufferers.  When using the computer, a person must grip and grasp a computer mouse and use the hands for typing on the computer’s keyboard.  This can be a painful experience for the person whose hands and fingers are cold and numb. 

Hand therapists report an increase in computer-related hand problems — Raynaud’s is one of the ailments needing attention.  There are heated ergonomic computer work aids available for people who suffer with cold hands and fingers.  The infrared heated, warm computer mouse plugs into an USB socket on the computer and generates a steady flow of heat for the computer mouse user.  Infrared heat is therapeutic and delivers a deep penetrating healthy heat source to the painful hand.

There are other USB heated computer products.  The infrared heated, warm mouse pad operates on the same premise as the warming mouse.  The heated mouse pad provides a warm surface to rest the hand, thumb and fingers when using the mouse.  Using both, the warm mouse and the warm mouse pad is a very good, economical source of heat energy.

To make the therapeutic heat experience even better, insert the warm mouse and heated mouse pad inside a warm, mouse hand warmer blanket pouch.  The heat generated by the heated mouse and heated mousepad is insulated inside the mouse hand warmer blanket creating an ultimate hand warmer environment for the mouse hand.

Computer keyboard hands find warmth, comfort and relief from an infrared heated computer keyboard pad placed in front of the keyboard.  The warm pad plugs into an USB socket on the computer and operates on the same premise as the warm mouse and heated mouse pad.  The warm keyboard pad is made using a sponge interior providing ergonomic support for the wrists, hands and fingers.  The warmth provides a steady, economical source of heat for the computer keyboard hands.  Plus, the pad is a perfect resting area for the elbows. 

Although there’s no known cure for Raynaud’s, there are ways to keep warm when using the computer.  For more information about infrared heat, visit ValueRays.com.  For more information about help for cold hand pain and ways to keep warm, visit the Learning Center at www.heatedmouse.com