The 4 Es of Injury Prevention

Mouse Hand Warmer, Cold Mouse Hand

When addressing injury prevention for computer users, four components need to be attended to in order to ensure success.  Here are the four Es that will provide a well-rounded ergonomic program along with links to additional information.

Ergonomics – Ergonomics provides the optimal environment in which the body works.  Ergonomics places the body in the most efficient and least stressful working positions.  Without an appropriate ergonomic environment, the body will be at constant risk for injury.
  • Ergonomic ABCs
  • Monitor Position & Ergonomic Tips
  • Top Ten Ergonomic Picks

Exercise – Warming-up muscles prepares them for work.  Warming-up increases blood and oxygen flow to the muscles and increases the muscle flexibility.  Stretching ensures that the muscle is able to contract and work to its fullest efficiency without placing stress at the point that the muscle or tendon unit attaches to the bone.

  • Exercises for Preventing Hand Pain
  • Stretching for the Computer Athlete

Education – The work environment can be perfect but the equipment loses its effectiveness if it is not used appropriately.  Training programs must be developed to support ergonomic programs.

  • Typing Style – Repetitive Injuries are NOT just about the Keyboard
  • Pain-Free Mousing
  • Monitor Position & Ergonomic Tips

Energy – Our body’s potential to produce work is a component of our fitness, health and well-being.  Practicing general healthy habits will help our bodies heal from the everyday wear-and-tear and help prevent the micro-trauma that leads to repetitive injuries.

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  • The Effect of Smoking on Repetitive Strain Injuries

Marji Hajic is an Occupational Therapist and a Certified Hand Therapist practicing at the Hand Therapy & Occupational Fitness Center in Santa Barbara, California. For more information on hand and upper extremity injuries, prevention and recovery, visit Hand Health Resources.