Treatment of Raynaude's Disease

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Raynaud disease is a condition that affects blood flow to the extremities which include the fingers, toes, nose and ears when exposed to temperature changes or stress. Raynaud’s disease affects a small percentage of Americans. Women are more likely than men are to have the disorder. It’s more common in people who live in colder climates. In severe cases, loss of blood flow can cause sores or tissue death. Emotional stress and cold are classically triggers, and the discoloration follows a characteristic pattern in time: white, blue and red. It comprises both Raynaud’s disease (primary Raynaud’s), where the phenomenon is idiopathic, Cold weather and stress can trigger attacks. Often the cause of Raynaud’s is not known. People in colder climates are more likely to develop Raynaud’s than people in warmer areas. There are several different ways to treat Raynaude’s Disease. Patients with Raynaud’s disease are advised to keep warm by wearing gloves and socks. Avoid stressful situations may help control the number of attacks. Avoidance of any environmental triggers, e.g. cold, drilling, etc. (although emotional stress is a recognised trigger, it tends to be impossible to consciously avoid). Treatment for Raynaud’s disease may include prescription medicines that dilate blood vessels, such as calcium channel blockers (nifedipine). Mild cases of Raynaud’s can be addressed by biofeedback or a technique to help control involuntary body functions such as skin temperature. Alpha-1 adrenergic blockers such as prazosin can be used to control Raynaud’s vasospasms. In severe cases, a sympathectomy procedure can be performed. If you smoke, stop smoking, as it further constricts the blood vessels. Vasodilators drug that relaxes blood vessels ,such as nitroglycerin cream. You apply the cream to your fingers to help heal skin ulcers. Other medications that have helped patients with Raynaud’s include alpha-blockers, such as nitroglycerine paste, which is applied to the fingers, to help heal skin ulcers. Patients who have Raynaud’s Phenomenon to exercise regularly. Most people find that exercise promotes an overall well-being, increases energy level, helps control weight, and promotes restful sleep. Patients are also advised to avoid foods and activities that may constrict blood vessels such as drinking caffeinated.