Using Infrared Heat Therapy to Improve Health

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Saunas have been in use for centuries by cultures all around the globe that recognize the enormous health benefits of the sauna. From primitive sweat lodges to more modern and sophisticated steam saunas, people have always relied on the healing power of the sauna. The innovative invention of the infrared sauna now allows users to experience even more health benefits. Infrared heat therapy is valuable for maintaining good overall physical and mental health. Unlike conventional steam saunas that rely on hot air to transfer heat, infrared saunas directly heat up their objects. This means that even though you’re getting the benefit of all the warming action of a sauna, you don’t have to feel like you’re roasting to death in a humid, sticky room. The air in a traditional sauna can reach temperatures of up to 220 degrees F, while infrared saunas usually operate at air temperatures of 100 to 130 degrees F. Your body absorbs high-efficiency infrared heat better, meaning that you reap more of the healing benefits of sauna therapy while staying comfortable at the same time. Infrared saunas are particularly effective at soothing aching muscles and joints. Whether your sore shoulder is the result of a strenuous game of tennis, an old injury, or a chronic condition like arthritis, sauna therapy can help to relax the tense muscles and joints. Even rheumatism and myalgia are suggested to improve with regular sauna therapy. Serious athletes as well as those with high-stress jobs and lives will appreciate the deep relaxation properties of infrared sauna therapy. Stress relief is a natural side effect of infrared sauna use. The very act of scheduling a regular break every day to meditate or visit with friends in a sauna is rejuvenating. When you do it in tandem with infrared sauna, the stress relieving benefits become even more pronounced. The invisible heat waves promote blood flow, soothe knotted muscles, and refresh the mind. Sauna use also encourages healthy blood circulation, so infrared sauna therapy can be particularly beneficial to people with high blood pressure or heart disease. Physicians all agree that healthy circulation decreases the risk for developing all kinds of illnesses and medical conditions. Good circulation also speeds up the body’s natural healing processes, promotes good cardiovascular health, and lessens the likelihood of becoming overweight. Detoxification properties of saunas are well known. But the detoxification potential of an infrared sauna is three times that of a traditional sauna. The infrared light is absorbed deeper into our bodies than traditional steam sauna heat, so the detoxification effect of infrared saunas is much more thorough. Studies suggest that infrared-induced perspiration actually contains more noxious substances and chemicals like lead, copper, nickel, and sodium than regular perspiration does. Enhanced immune system function is another benefit of infrared therapy. Infrared heat penetrates the skin and warms the body, raising the core temperature of the body. This tricks the body into thinking it is using a fever to fight off infection, kicking the immune system into action. This can curtail all kinds of minor bacterial and viral infections, as the immune system is already working hard and can fight off problems before they occur. It is suggested that infrared therapy can even help people with their allergies. Infrared saunas can manage specific medical conditions and promote general health and well-being. It’s hard to believe that relaxing in a comfortably warm sauna while meditating, reading, or listening to your favorite music can be called therapy. Infrared heat therapy is incredibly effective and has a large impact on health if used regularly.