ValueRays® Executive Series – 3 Piece Heated Mouse Set

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ValueRays® Executive Series – 3 Piece Heated Mouse Set includes one of each color: Black – The CEO, Orange – The Executive's Assistant, Yellow – The Worker Bee. A cold mouse hand enjoys the warmth! The ultimate mouse hand warmer is a heated mouse by ValueRays®. 

Purchase a ValueRays® set and save $$$$.

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ValueRays® Executive Series
3 Piece Heated Mouse Set

Purchase a ValueRays® set and save $$$$.

Introducting the ValueRays® Heated Mouse Executive Series.  Designed with a professional corporate image in mind!  Sleek, stylish and comfortable to hold while looking important on your desk top.  The fashionable high-end designer set is available in a three colors with a smooth silver trim.  The Heated Mouse CEO is black with silver accents to complement any desk with a touch of class.  The Heated Mouse Executive's Assistant is orange with silver accents, and the Warm Mouse Worker Bee is yellow!  Each of the Executive Series mice is appropriately named.  Which color works best for you?  The black communicates prestige and power.  The orange is for harmony and balance, and the yellow is for the creative, industrious idea maker!

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Heated Mouse is your online source for the highest quality, best variety and best priced heated mice available.  We add new styles, designs and colors of heated computer mice often.  All the heated mice available at are designed using quality materials and with an internal carbon fiber heater producing deep penetrating infared heat.

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ValueRays® Warm Mouse Features:

  • Carbon fibre heating element
  • Warms the hand with a comfortable 99-104 degrees Farhenheit temperature
  • Uses a low voltage (5V) and is safe for people and the computer
  • Improved On/Off Switch conveniently located on the USB cord
  • USB cord approximately 56" long
  • Turn Heated Warm Mouse off when not in use
  • Improved 800 DPI scrolling Heated Warm Mouse
  • Optical Heated Warm Mouse
  • Requires no drivers or software
  • Easy plug & play installation
  • Product name Heated Mouse and Warm Mouse Yellow
  • Patented
  • ROHS & CE Certified

For more details about each of the warming mice in this three-piece heated mouse set, please visit the individual warming mice pages:

  1. Black Heated Mouse = The CEO
  2. Orange Heated Mouse = The Executive's Assistant
  3. Yellow Heated Mouse = The Worker Bee


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