ValueRays Heated Chair Pad Plus Two Extra Infrared Heating Elements 3-Piece Bundle

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ValueRays Three-Piece Chair Warmer Bundle. Receive ONE ValueRays Heated Chair Pad and TWO Extra Infrared Heating Elements. This is a three-piece bundle sold exclusively on Amazon. Both items also sold separately on Amazon.

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This bundle contains 2 items

1 of ValueRays Chair Warmer, USB Heated Warm Chair Pad, Infrared Heat Chair Pad, Warm Office Chair Pad

  • INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the chair pad's cover and make sure the heating element is placed on the top of the foam pad. Reposition the heating element to suit your needs. Do NOT place heating element under the pad.
  • Seat warms using a small carbon fiber heating elements to produce infrared heat.
  • The longer you sit, the warmer it gets. Reposition the heating element on top of the foam pad inside the top side of the cover.
  • Cover is hand washable. Do NOT wash cords or heating element. Air dry cover.
  • USB connects to computer or any functional USB port, adapter or power bank.

1 of ValueRays USB Electronic Infrared Heating Element, USB Warmer for Mouse Hand, Chair Pad, Back, Car Seat, Carbon Fiber Heating Element (2 Pieces)

  • Portable USB heating element for adults.
  • Carbon fiber heating element produces infrared heat.
  • Metallic exterior protective cover. USB cord from end-to-end measures about 73 inches long.
  • Works best in 2.0 or higher USB connection.
  • Provides ample warmth. Not for unsupervised children.

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