ValueRays Heated Mouse Bundle 2-Piece Gift Set Winter Holiday Stocking Stuffer

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ValueRays Heated Mouse Bundle Gift Set Winter Holiday Stocking Stuffer is perfect for the 2020 shopper looking for something essential this winter season.

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  • NEW 2020 Design! ENTIRE TOP SURFACE HEATS. Heat: 99 - 120 Fahrenheit. Number of buttons: Right/left top buttons, wheel button, DPI button
  • Construction: ABS thermoplastic polymer. Product color: All-black on black finish. Product size: 116*66*35mm(4.56*2.59*1.37in).
  • USB 2.0 Connection: Approximately 180cm/70.8 inches long cord. Design: Ergonomic, universal shape for both hands. Switch: Heat control High/Low/Off slide switch on bottom.
  • Toprosan 75% Alcohol hand cleaner is pure, organic, and earth friendly. Its Registered National Drug Code Number is 80149-001.
  • Toprosan dries fast and can be used on hands or surfaces to clean the unwanted and help prevent the spread of contagious illness.

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