ValueRays Ultimate Three-Piece USB Infrared Heat Bundle – Quiet Click Heated Mouse, Heated Chair Pad and Fleece Mouse Hand Warmer Blanket Pouch

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The Ultimate Three-Piece ValueRays Bundle as seen in the video! One Quiet Click USB Heated Mouse, One USB Heated Chair Pad and One USB Heated Mouse Hand Warmer.

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This bundle contains 3 items

1 of ValueRays Heated Mouse Quiet Click Heated Buttons Universal Size (Solid Black)

  • ENTIRE TOP SURFACE HEATS. Heat: 99 - 120 Fahrenheit. Number of buttons: Right/left top buttons, wheel button, DPI button, forward/backware button, bottom high/low/off heat switch. Maximum tracking speed: 30 IPS (IPS is the speed the sensor can track movement).
  • Braided Cord does NOT fray. Working voltage : 5V+-0.5V USB heater is safe for computers and people. Working Current: low-280mA, high-580mA. Connect: USB wired. USB 2.0 Connection: Approximately 180cm/70.8 inches long cord. Design: Ergonomic, right-handed adjust for left hand.
  • Switch: Heat control High/Low/Off slide switch on bottom. Construction: ABS thermoplastic polymer. Product color: All-black on black finish.
  • Product size: 119*67*39mm(4.68*2.63*1.53in). Product weight:136g/4.8oz.
  • Key life:Three Million Times. Glide Pads: Two level bottom glide pads. Maximum cursor acceleration speed: 8 G. Adjustable DPI: 800-1200-2400-3200.

1 of ValueRays Chair Warmer, USB Heated Warm Chair Pad, Infrared Heat Chair Pad, Warm Office Chair Pad

  • INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the chair pad's cover and make sure the heating element is placed on the top of the foam pad. Reposition the heating element to suit your needs. Do NOT place heating element under the pad.
  • Seat warms using a small carbon fiber heating elements to produce infrared heat.
  • The longer you sit, the warmer it gets. Reposition the heating element on top of the foam pad inside the top side of the cover.
  • Cover is hand washable. Do NOT wash cords or heating element. Air dry cover.
  • USB connects to computer or any functional USB port, adapter or power bank.

1 of ValueRays USB Mouse Hand Warmer, USB Hand Warmer, Hand Warmer, Hand Warmer Pouch, Hand Warmer Blanket, Warm Mouse Pad, Heated Mouse Pad, Mouse Pad Warmer, Computer Mouse Cover, Infrared Heat Pad

  • USB Connection Cost-Effective Energy-Efficient Hand Warmer
  • Infrared Heat Mini Electric Blanket Style Gets Warm NOT Hot
  • Warm Fleece Blanket Heat is Soothing & Relaxing
  • Helps Cold Hand Pain, Pain Associated with Arthritis, Raynaud's, Poor Circulation
  • Fleece is gray. Cords Black. Hand Warmer solid gray. Works with Wireless or USB Mouse.


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