ValueRays USB C Port Heated Mouse Pro Three-Piece Gift Bundle


ValueRays USB C Port Heated Mouse Pro Three-Piece Gift Bundle includes ONE ValueRays USB C Port Heated Computer Mouse Pro to solve the cold mouse hand problem, ONE The Sanitizer Company Liquid Hand Cleaner, and ONE The Sanitizer Company Essential Scented Oil to use with the unscented hand cleaner.

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  • USB C Port Heated Mouse Pro NEW 2020 Design! ENTIRE SURFACE HEATED! Heat: 99 - 120 Fahrenheit. Number of buttons: Right/left top buttons, wheel button,DPI± button,forward/backware button, bottom high/low/off heat switch. Maximum tracking speed: 30 IPS (IPS is the speed the sensor can track movement).
  • Maximum cursor acceleration speed: 8 G. Adjustable DPI: 800-1200-1600-2400. Working voltage : 5V+-0.5V USB heater is safe for computers and people. Working Current: low-280mA, high-580mA.
  • Switch: Heat control High/Low/Off slide switch on bottom. Construction: ABS thermoplastic polymer. Product color: All-black on black finish. Product size: 125*70*40mm(4.92*2.75*1.57in). Product weight:136g/5.3oz. Key life:Three Million Times. Glide Pads: Two level bottom glide pads.
  • The Sanitizer Company 2 oz Spray Hand Cleaner with USA Registered National Drug Code Number 80149-001
  • The Sanitizer Company Scented Essential Oil 10ml is used with the unscented hand cleaner to create a light signature scent. Scents vary. Our essential oil scents are the best smelling, authentic, natural, pure, organic, plant-based scented oils available. We use variety of citrus, earthy and menthol scents in our collection.


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