Warm Mouse: The missing computer ergonomics link

ValueRays USB Heated Computer Mouse

Ever wonder why computer mice are shaped the way they are? Does your mouse hand ache regardless of the shape of computer mouse you use?  I’ve asked myself lately, and came to the conclusion people are all the same, yet they are very different.  So, for every ergonomic need and every hand condition, there’s a different shaped computer mouse with different and helpful functionality.

The computer mouse was invented about 40 years ago by Douglas Engelbart.  If you search Google for “computer mouse inventor” you can read more about its history.  Pictures of the first mouse illustrate a small wooden box filled with techie guts.  We’ve come a long way in 40 years.  And, the functionality of the computer mouse has, too.

The missing ergonomic link in modern-day computer mouse technology is heat.  The warm mouse is the answer to many ailments and hand injuries.  The use of the computer is growing, and it’s use is not going to fade or go away anytime soon.  As a matter of fact, computer use being on the rise, educators are debating as to whether or not to continue teaching penmanship in schools!

If we rely upon the computer for everyday connections, for Presidential campaigns and for daily tasks, then why wouldn’t we begin the introduction of computer work aids to assist in healing and creating a more healthy computer work environment.  That’s where the warm mouse fits nicely.  The warm mouse generates heat to the mouse hand.  Whether the mouse hand is cold, sore, tense or stressed, the heat from a warm mouse penetrates deeply through the skin’s layers to sore muscles creating a comfortable, relaxed, healthy experience.

The use of a carbon fiber heating element inside the mouse creating infrared heat adds tremondous benefit for using a warm mouse.  Infrared heat heals (search Google for “infrared heat heals”).  This has been proven and documented by medical practitioners worldwide.  Infrared heating pads, lamps, saunas, incubators and NASA space programs use infrared heat.  Studies show about 30 minutes of infrared heat daily improves poor circulation by getting blood flowing to constricted blood vessels.  What a relief for people who suffer with poor hand circulation from Raynaud’s Phenomenon, arthritis and diabetes!  Holding a warm mouse at home or at work can make a huge difference for hand pain and comfort when using the computer.

When there’s a stiff neck or sore back, a heating pad helps relieve the pain. Similarly, when the computer mouse hand hurts, a warm mouse feels good and creates relief.  The positive results of the warm mouse have been so very good it has inspired the manufacture of warm mouse pads, warm keyboard pads, and a vast array of other USB (Universal Serial Bus) connected devices to create heat and warmth for computer users.  Plus, the heat created is energy-efficient and cost-effective.  No need to crank up the room temperature when a computer’s energy is easily converted into creating comfort for its user. 

Before you race out to get a warm mouse, make sure you get one with a carbon fiber to generate infrared heat, and be certain to compare prices and shipping costs.  Free shipping and purchasing from a reputable supplier is best.  Driving to your local office supply store for a warm mouse may be a waste of time.  The best place to obtain a warm mouse is online.   The search engines are a good place to shop and compare (search Google for “infrared heat computer mouse”).  While you are at it, take a look at other heated computer products, too.  The warm mouse, the warm mouse pad and the warm keyboard pad are only the beginning of things to get to create an ultimate warm ergonomic computer work environment.