Warm Mouse

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Warm Mouse : ValueRays® cold mouse hand solution!

Warm Mouse : ValueRays® cold mouse hand solution!

The Warm Mouse, also known as the Heated Mouse is a USB optical computer mouse designed using a carbon fiber heating element producing infrared heat.  The computer mouse gets warm after its USB connection is plugged into one of the USB ports on the computer.  Within a few minutes the carbon fiber heating element gets warm and the mouse surface is heated.  The unique attributes of infrared heat is its ability to heat the object and not the air around it.  By doing this, the surface of the mouse gets warm with a concentrated accumulation of heat produced by the carbon heater. 

The warm mouse is developed by ValueRays® and it available in several colors, styles and designs.  The original ValueRays heated mouse is gray with a long USB cord and inline switch heat control. All of the warming mice are ergonomic in shape and provide a deep penetrating soothing infrared heat to assist with blood circulation.  Cold mouse hand is caused by poor circulation.  The warm mouse is the best mouse hand warmer because it relaxes tension and a tense, overworked mouse hand. 

Provided online at select websites, the ValueRays warming mice are priced best when purchased directly through the manufacturer’s website at HeatedMouse.com.  Expect free shipping and pay no sales tax.  The 30-day free warranty is backed by a one-year extended warranty and can be purchased anytime within one year of the purchase date.  ValueRays makes the best heated mice at the lowest price. 

Great gift ideas!  Great conversation pieces!  Great for people who suffer from the cold!  Great for arthritis pain!  Great all-around hot gadget for all computer users!  The warm mouse is the cold mouse hand solution!

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For more details about all of the ValueRays® warming gadgets, visit HeatedMouse.com.